Archived — Celebrate World Industrial Design Day June 29, 2014

World Industrial Design Day

Celebrate World Industrial Design Day

This year marks the seventh anniversary of World Industrial Design (ID) Day, an annual celebration recognizing the industrial design profession. This year's theme is Renew ID.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) recognizes industrial design rights as a valuable business tool that helps the business community, entrepreneurs, and innovators turn new ideas into economic benefit. It is the originality and uniqueness of design that can lead to the commercial success of a retail product.

Check out Canadian Industrial Designs Database

When you register your industrial design, you receive the exclusive right to your design for up to ten years from the date of registration. Unless you register your design, you cannot make a legal claim of ownership, and you have no legal protection to prevent others from making, importing, renting, or selling any article to which your design is applied.

Visit CIPO's Industrial Designs web page to learn how to protect your designs and search the Canadian Industrial Designs Database.

For more information about World Industrial Design Day, visit the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design website.

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