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The Canada Business Network will be Startup Canada's special guest on its Twitter #startupchats

The Canada Business Network will be hosted by Startup Canada on October 25 (in French) and will answer your questions on marketing planning for small businesses.

How to finance small business start-ups and expansions

Canada's small businesses are engines for job creation that boost economic growth. The Canada Small Business Financing Program encourages participating financial institutions to increase the availability of loans to small businesses seeking to establish themselves or expand. The Government of Canada helps imaginative entrepreneurs create thousands of new jobs for Canadians every year.

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is holding its World Standards Day event on October 16, 2013. Register today.

Register today to join the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as it celebrates World Standards Day from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. (PDT) on Wednesday, October 16, 2013, either via live webcast or in person at the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel. Through a panel discussion and presentations, you'll learn how international laboratory standards are calibrated to improve both the quality of results and patient care.

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3D Skills Training Soaring to New Heights

Industry Canada has provided NGRAIN (Canada) Corporation with a $9.5-million repayable contribution to develop 3D technologies for aerospace and defence personnel.

The Canada Business Network will be Startup Canada's special guest on its Twitter #startupchats

The Canada Business Network, Industry Canada's key access point for federal and provincial/territorial government information, will be hosted by Startup Canada for its #startupchats on Twitter.

World Accreditation Day 2013: Accreditation benefits exporters

World Accreditation Day raises awareness of the importance of accreditation and certification procedures, standards, regulations and testing in ensuring safety.

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Survey Landscape—August 2013

This issue reports on business and consumer confidence in mid-2013 based on publicly available survey results. Executives in North America were more optimistic about global economic conditions than their counterparts elsewhere. The support of European consumers for the European Union declined. Canadians surveyed on the use of their personal data supported the sharing of information across government departments, especially for reducing fraud. This information is publicly available.

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University of Victoria is now home to the world's most powerful microscope

The University of Victoria's one-of-a-kind microscope is garnering global interest from academics and businesses keen to find out what secrets the high-resolution device can reveal.

Top Canadian researcher innovates in offshore wind turbine service

Offshore wind turbines present one of the greatest opportunities to achieve a clean energy future, and Peter Gifford, one of Canada's top researchers, is making it easier for energy companies to deliver crews and equipment to them.

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Government, academia and business create opportunities for students, support Atlantic Canada's offshore industry

At Memorial University, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada's (NSERC) Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Program for Offshore Technology Research is playing a valuable role in developing and preparing skilled professionals for the Canadian labour force.

Government, academics and private industry collaborate to create implantable hearing aids and other innovative products

A new generation of implantable hearing aids will soon be available thanks to collaboration among university researchers, government and private industry.

CREATE: Translating research into action

The Government of Canada's CREATE Program is designed to improve the mentoring and training environment for the Canadian researchers of tomorrow. Dalhousie is one of the program's strongest proponents, offering CREATE programs in five areas of research.

Collaborating for the future of our oceans

From sea to sea to sea, Canadians have a special relationship with oceans: we use the oceans for transportation and tourism, farm them for food and energy resources and use their bounty for a wide variety of industries.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office celebrates World Industrial Design Day

June 2013—From products to services, industrial design is everywhere. World Industrial Design Day promotes awareness of the contribution designers and academics have made to the discipline and the collaborations that help improve economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life.

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Accreditation: Facilitating world trade

May 2013—World Accreditation Day raises awareness around the globe of the importance of accreditation-related activities. If you are a Canadian organization looking to tap into export markets, you won't want to miss the Standards Council of Canada's (SCC) World Accreditation Day 2013 event. Register now to join the SCC on June 4 and discover the importance of accreditation and certification procedures.

International trade show creates tourism opportunities

May 2013—Rendez-vous Canada, the Canadian Tourism Commission's annual international tourism industry marketplace, links international buyers with Canadian sellers of tourism products.

Survey shows increase in business lending

May 2013—Data analysis of the latest Biannual Survey of Suppliers of Business Financing reveals a continued increase in business lending activity. In total, lenders disbursed approximately $75 billion in new loans to Canadian businesses between July and December 2012, compared with approximately $70 billion in new loans disbursed between January and June of that year.

Should you rent or buy a home?

May 2013—Deciding to take on a mortgage rather than paying rent is one of the most important, yet difficult, decisions a consumer will make. The Office of Consumer Affairs at Industry Canada has developed a useful online calculator to help potential homebuyers make this big decision.

Growth study shows Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises achieved a 7.3% sustainable growth rate from 2000 to 2010

May 2013—The small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) growth study seeks to identify any misalignment between SME actual growth rates and sustainable growth rates.

Q4 2012 Venture Capital Monitor

May 2013—Highlights from the findings of the year-end Q4 2012 Venture Capital Monitor include a substantial growth in fundraising and stable investment levels in 2012.

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World Intellectual Property Day 2013: Celebrating the creative potential of the next generation

April 2013—April 26, 2013, marks World Intellectual Property Day. This annual worldwide celebration promotes the importance of creativity, innovation and intellectual property in economic growth and prosperity.

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Roundtable discussions on intellectual property in March 2013

March 2013—Reminder: The Canadian Intellectual Property Office invites Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises to attend roundtable discussions in March 2013. The two final sessions will take place March 27 and 28 in Quebec city.

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