Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI) Contribution Agreement Template

>Schedule 4 - Communications Obligations

The Recipient agrees to abide by and be subject to the provisions set out below.

Section A: Recipient's Release of Information Related to the Project at time of Announcement of Project Funding

  1. The Minister will inform the Recipient of the date on which the first public announcement is to be made and the Recipient shall not disclose the existence of this Agreement until such date.
  2. The Recipient shall invite representatives of ITO to be present at any official announcement organized by the Recipient and shall inform the public of ITO's support in the Project.
  3. For information purposes, in planning a public announcement, the Recipient shall contact the ITO to obtain advice on Government of Canada protocol guidelines for public ceremonies.
  4. Nothing in this Schedule shall be interpreted as preventing the fulfillment by the Recipient of its reporting obligations under applicable securities laws.

>Section B: Release of Information Related to the Project Throughout the Duration of the Agreement

The following sub-articles apply to public announcements concerning the Project throughout the term of the Agreement:

  1. The Recipient hereby consents to public announcements, including, without limitation, the posting from time to time on the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada or ITO web site, by or on behalf of the Minister of any of the following information:
    1. Name of the Recipient;
    2. Amount of the Contribution, a description of the Project, the location of the Project and identification of the anticipated Project results and public policy benefits thereof;
    3. Payments payable or paid by the Recipient to the Minister; and
    4. Information resulting from any enforcement of Schedule 1, Section 8.2 (g).
  2. The Recipient shall inform ITO officials of any public announcement, publications or presentation in regard to the Project (e.g., award ceremonies, conferences, news releases, etc) and shall use statements approved by the ITO Communication Official when these include information regarding the participation of SADI.
  3. The Minister will release information on the Agreement under the rules and procedures of the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act and through the Public Accounts of Canada.
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