Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative Application Package

Part 1 – SADI Application Form

4. Certifications

[Insert the name of the applicant] (the "Applicant") certifies that:

  • The information provided in this application and attachments is accurate and complete.
  • It is in full compliance with all current obligations, financial and otherwise, to the federal government.
  • The execution of the proposed project will not prevent the Applicant from continuing to meet obligations in other agreements; and existing obligations in no way preclude the Applicant from fulfilling its obligations under the proposed project.
  • The work to be performed by the Applicant will be performed in accordance with the requirements of all regulatory bodies that have jurisdiction over the Applicant on this project.
  • It is currently in compliance with all municipal, provincial and federal environmental requirements.
  • It possesses an accounting system that accurately tracks and records project costs (particularly hours of direct labour) associated with the performance of the project and that its labour recording system is able to demonstrate in sufficient detail the allocation of time spent on different projects.
  • It is in full compliance with the Lobbying Act.
  • It has read and understands the general conditions of the SADI Contribution Agreement.
  • It accepts in principle the SADI standard repayment terms as outlined in the SADI Contribution Agreement.
  • It accepts that the project must involve collaboration with academia in Canada at a minimum of 1% of total project costs.
  • All federal, provincial or municipal government assistance received, requested, or anticipated as related to this project has been identified in this application (except for scientific research and experimental development tax credits, deductions or allowances).

The Applicant authorizes ITO to gather from, and share with, other government sources of assistance, the necessary information to ensure there will be no duplication of assistance and confirm that all agreements are being adhered to.

Documents required with the Application

The following documents must be provided along with this form in order for an application to be considered complete (check boxes to indicate documents have been provided):

  • checkbox Completed SADI Application Workbook (excel workbook);
  • checkbox Last three years' annual financial statements (audited, review engagement or certified by the CFO (must include notes));
  • checkbox Most recent available quarterly statements showing year to date results;
  • checkbox Financial statements for the applicant's parent company (if applicable);
  • checkbox Forecast annual company income and cash flow statements for the duration of the R&D phase of the project. (hard copy and Excel spreadsheets) including all forecast assumptions;
  • checkbox Current Company Business Plan or Annual Information Form;
  • checkbox Resumes of potential technical reviewer(s). The applicant is invited to provide the names and resumes of technical reviewers (3 maximum) to assist SADI with the application evaluation. Non conflict of interest reviewers may be from government organizations or the private sector. Final reviewer selection will be determined by the ITO.
  • checkbox Documents required under the Lobbying Act:
    • A list of employees and consultants who are representing or will represent the applicant in discussions with SADI officials about the application.
    • A printout from the Lobbyists Registration System for those employees and consultants who must be registered under the Lobbying Act.
    • An explanation of why any employees and consultants representing the applicant are not included on the printout of registered lobbyists, and why they do not need to be registered.
  • checkbox Copies of official documents for Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) projects (letter of intent, Request for Proposal or existing contract with JSF prime contractor) or Defence Development Sharing Agreement (DDSA) projects (letter of intent, agreement with the United States Department of Defence)


The Applicant understands that no commercially confidential information provided in this application and attachments will be disclosed other than:

  1. to external parties retained to review technical aspects of an application and to other parties as may be specified by the Applicant;
  2. as required to be released or disclosed by law or in a judicial or other governmental investigation or proceeding;
  3. if the information is generally known or in the public domain at the time of the Applicant's disclosure;
  4. if the information subsequently becomes a matter of public knowledge through no fault of the Minister; or
  5. if the information is required to be released by the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to an international or internal trade panel for the purposes of the conduct of a dispute in which Canada is a party or a third-party intervener.

The Applicant understands that SADI is a discretionary program subject to available funding, and that submission of a complete application, meeting any or all of the assessment criteria, or responding to requests from SADI officers for further information in respect of an application, does not mean that funding will be granted. All applicants whose projects are approved for SADI funding will be so notified in writing.

The Applicant acknowledges that any approved projects will be the subject of public announcement.

By signing below, the applicant attests to each of the certifications outlined above of this Application

[Full corporate name of applicant]

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