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h2 Early Adopters Program

Important Information:
The Terms and Conditions of the h2EA program expired on March 31, 2008. No new projects will be contracted under the program.

Technology Partnerships Canada delivered the Hydrogen Early Adopters (h2EA) program designed to demonstrate new hydrogen technology concepts that would lead to a hydrogen economy for Canada.

The h2EA program led efforts to demonstrate new concepts such as "hydrogen highways" and "hydrogen villages". More specifically, the strategic objectives of the h2EA program were to:

  • Increase public, consumer and investor awareness and acceptance of the hydrogen capability;
  • Integrate hydrogen and hydrogen-compatible technologies;
  • Develop hydrogen infrastructures;
  • Develop skills and supply chain in the hydrogen industry;
  • Develop codes and standards for the hydrogen industry; and,
  • Increase performance, reliability, durability and economical viability of hydrogen and hydrogen-compatible technologies.
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